Enfermería 2017


Occupational hazards in the helping nurses of the Nueva Paz municipality.


Aldo Hugo Delgado Concepción , Raúl Hernández Pérez , Lesbia de Asis Llanes Fuentes , Leidis Sandra Perera Milian


Introduction: the health of the nursing professional is an indispensable factor to keep the equilibrium in their activity, condition through which the actions and attitudes can develop without interfering in the specific nursing cares.

Objective: to determine the occupational risks which the helping nurses  expose of Nueva Paz municipality, Mayabeque parish.

Methods: observing and descriptive, in a transversal cut in the helping nurses who work in Primary Care of Health of Nueva Paz municipality, in Mayabeque parish from January to April 2017. Universe of 134 and it selected a discretionary and intentional of maximum variation sample conformed by 86 nurses.

Data, obtained of the opinion poll got empty in a payroll created for the purpose and they processed themselves using the statistical system for Windows.

Statistical techniques of absolute frequency distribution and percentage value were used, the comparison of proportions came true through the proof not parametric chi-square (X2) being considered a level of significance for P <0.05.

Results:  within the psychosocial risks, the overload labor risks predominated, of the ergonomic risks were bobs, of the biological risks the puncture with needle and short sharp contaminated object. Weather and unsuitable illumination prevailed within physical hazards and the exposition to antiseptics and disinfectants like chemical risk.   

Conclusions: the psychosocial risks, ergonomic and biological the helping nurses are the ones by majority they expose themselves to, existing association between these and the job positions.   

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